Brendan Fairclough.  Photo by: Ryan Franklin


A Dog's Life: Travel Diaries - Portes du Soleil

In S.2 Ep.2 of A Dog's Life, Brendan throws down at quite possibly the hottest riding destination Europe has to offer.

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Nov 12, 2021


Brendan Fairclough goes to Madeira.

Since wrapping up a hugely successful Season 1 of "A Dog's Life", Brendan Fairclough has been hard at work traveling, climbing, boosting and roosting, all with the mission of making Season 2 even bigger and better.  


Nino vs. Claudio.

Neverresting is the ultimate E-Bike race between 9x MTB Cross Country World Champion Nino Schurter and former downhill pro (and ex-SCOTT DH team manager) Claudio Caluori.


BC Bike Race Day 6, Stage 7.

“We are all here as a community to do what we love, crank the pedals, smash the burms, and high-five all the efforts of each and every human achievement in the “Ultimate Singletrack Experience!” - Andreas Hestler