Fedko & Druwen take gold at the Rheeder Slopestyle during Crankworx Summer Series.


That’s a wrap for the second stop of the Crankworx Summer Series Canada, hosted at SilverStar Bike Park.

The grand finale of this stop took place today with the Rheeder Slopestyle event; a Crankworx-first Women’s FMB Silver Level contest in addition to the Men’s FMB Gold. Red Bull Germany riders Patricia Druwen and Erik Fedko came out victorious taking home gold medals from today’s Rheeder Slopestyle contest.

Patricia Druwen, only 16-years old is really making a name for herself with a remarkable 2023 season and setting the bar for her contenders. “I think this has been my best season,” Druwen remarks. “All of the contests I have done were pretty good and I have a lot of fun learning so many new tricks this year.”

Here’s what she had to say about her winning run from the day:

“I did a switch double bar, then sui, then 360, then nothing from the drop because I needed to pedal and have speed for the flip after the drop. I didn’t do my run as good as I thought because I wanted to do a triple truck and flip can but maybe next year!”

Druwen continues, “I feel pretty good the course was so nice. It was my favourite FMB contest course that I have ever ridden. The whale tail is my favourite feature and all the other jumps work so good. It’s so nice to jump big jumps and makes for a lot of fun.”

On the men’s side, first place qualifier Erik Fedko had a lot of pressure on the line knowing that this contest counted for him earning enough points to compete in the next season’s FMB Diamond level events.

“That was super good, I cannot believe it,” Fedko said. “I did what I had to do. So much pressure going into this, like I really needed to win to get enough points for next season so I feel great now! I couldn’t believe it when I was standing on top, it didn’t feel real. It was a good redemption after Joyride, you know? Getting a full run down with a lot of big tricks I haven’t done in four or five months due to my break, so I couldn’t feel better right now actually!”

Fedko has a lot to celebrate from today’s win, as it is also his first FMB-gold level gold medal.

“First Crankworx gold medal, and this is my first ever gold-medal in a gold-level event. So stoked. I am just so happy right now because I really needed that and everything worked out. The run was perfect, and I didn’t hurt my foot anymore because it wasn’t good after I twisted it in Joyride so I really need to go to a doctor after this and get it properly checked but the season is now done and we out! I can’t wait to go home and just rest.”

Here’s what his winning run consisted of:

“I started with a 360 whip, and I directly missed a trick as I was kind of nervous going into the next features, but I just knew I had to turn it up on every jump, go all in. I did the truck whip on the step down, and a 7 on the jump after, switch 3 the small drop then I raw dogged the three indy to bar, and then from there I pretty much raw dogged the rest of my run. Flip double bar up, double truck down, almost missed the bars and then a windshield wiper on the last one so it had me super stoked. Everything was clean and it couldn’t be better actually.”

Griffin Paulson came through with a close second place score of 90.33.

“I’m feeling super stoked, the Canadian said. “This is my first actual podium for an FMB gold which has been so long overdue it feels like, but it’s so hard to get on there so I am stoked it came together today. With this placing, I kind of know that I am on for the diamond series next year which is my main goal of wanting to do well here. Great contest today with lots of the boys pulling insane runs. I’m fired up for sure.”

Shealen Reno secured the silver medal today for the women’s contest followed by Natasha Miller. Swedish rider, Alex Alanko is going home with a bronze medal on the men’s side, a long awaited return to a gold-level podium.

Results – Rheeder Slopestyle at SilverStar Bike Park

Erik Fedko (GER) – 95.67 // Patricia Druwen (GER) – 91Griffin Paulson (CAN) – 90.33 // Shealen Reno (USA) – 82.67Alex Alanko (SWE) – 87.67 // Natasha Miller (CAN) – 78.33

Full Results:

That’s a wrap for the second stop of the Crankworx Summer Series Canada road trip. Next up, we head east to Quebec City for the final stop of the series. Athlete registration is still open for anyone looking to get amongst the action. Learn more at