photo by Ryan Franklin

TRAIL E-XPLORER EP. 3 - South Africa ft. Brendog & Co.

In Episode 3. of Trail E-xplorer, Brendan Fairclough and his brother Christian head over to Western Cape, South Africa to meet up with Andrew Neethling, exploring the E-bike heaven of Cape Town and beyond.

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May 11, 2023


Youth + Glory Season 2, Episode 3.

Straight out of the off-season and into the pre-season, Vali is back to business training with her coach and rolling into the UCI Downhill Test Event in Lourdes, France. Riding and racing your mountain bike may sound like a dream job, but there's little to no down time when you're trying to be the...


Youth + Glory Season 2

What makes a World Champion tick? Season 2 of Youth + Glory kicks off with a look behind the scenes at how RockShox Trek Race Team athlete Vali Höll spends her off-season, what motivates her, and her outlook on the upcoming season.


Killian Bron. Killin' it.

Kilian Bron and his team are back with a new visual spectacle! From Guatemala to Peru via Bolivia, for two months the dream team scoured the most beautiful spots to make amazing memories and bring back breathtaking images.  


What if? Why Not?

"The best things in life, particularly on bikes, happen when the question:'What if?' Is followed by the can-do, if not casual sentiment of, 'Why not…'” - Dusty Wygle


She's Out There

For this new episode of "She's Out There", the story stays close to home, not far from SCOTT's headquarters in Switzerland, following Mathilde Gremaud, SCOTT's bike ambassador to her hometown of La Roche where she spends time between the ski seasons.


Gabriel Wibmer releases: The Grind.

Gabriel Wibmer, part of the next generation of mountain biking’s Trials and Freeride scene, has pulled out all the stops in his latest edit. ‘The Grind’ sees the young Austrian lift his creativity to another level, hitting the streets of Hamburg with a new perspective on what obstacles can be...