Since wrapping up a hugely successful Season 1 of "A Dog's Life", Brendan Fairclough has been hard at work traveling, climbing, boosting and roosting, all with the mission of making Season 2 even bigger and better.  

Neverresting is the ultimate E-Bike race between 9x MTB Cross Country World Champion Nino Schurter and former downhill pro (and ex-SCOTT DH team manager) Claudio Caluori.

A few days out from the Swiss Epic opener join Andri Frischknecht and his SCOTT-SRAM teammates to learn how Andri goes to the start line in good shape for racing be it XCO or Marathon.

“I have always been a huge fan of big international sports events and festivals. This video, my BIKE Pentathlon is my way of acknowledging this. It’s my tribute to the sport – with twinkle in the eye.” – Tomomi Nishikubo

Episode 1: The Mountains Going to the mountains is easy, but finding the perfect route to fully enjoy a gravel bike, in a rugged and complicated environment, is not so easy. Luckily this time I had an extra help! A few weeks ago I had received the new SR Suntour GVX fork at home, a fork aimed at the user of gravel bikes, still in the prototype phase, but that is always the best excuse to be able to push it to the limit, without fear of it breaking (laughs).The destination - epic trails I...

Morgane Such is part of a new generation of mountain bikers: she is fast, she is young, she rides all kind of different bikes and she knows the social media game by heart.