Photo by: Yvonne Hörl


Hot Shots Fired


Girls Shred in Epic Bikepark Leogang

What does a good day at the Epic Bikepark Leogang look like? There is certainly more than one answer to this question. For Patricia Druwen, Kathi Kuypers and Co. it can be answered as follows: breakfast in the Salzburger Hof, lap after lap on the "Hot Shots Fired by GoPro" and "Flow Link" lines, sending one jump after the other, then go for some pump track riding at the Riders Playground for a sundowner. But as a girls’ shred is more fun with more girls, Munich-based Sara Bassano and riders Pascal Sapunar and Dominique Ohaco from Chile were more than happy to come along and join the two German freeride stars.

Watching the video, it becomes obvious pretty quickly that the five women had a lot of fun in Saalfelden Leogang, but also that they really wanted to deliver on their bikes. After a short warm up, the jumps became bigger, and the follow trains became faster and faster. 16-year-old Patricia Druwen demonstrated once again why she is the measure of all things in mountain bike slopestyle, pulling tricks like Suicide No Handers and No-Foot-Can-Cans on the jump line in the bike park.

"I don't go to the bike park very often, so I really enjoyed the two days with the big bike in Leogang. The jump line in the Epic Bikepark is really cool and you have more than enough airtime to show off good tricks. I found it particularly good that after a day of riding in the bike park, you could continue on the excellent pump track and the dirt line they have at the bottom of the park. Riding with the others was also real fun – Kathi in particular is a real institution in the German freeride scene. But Sara, Domi and Pascal are also really good at it and we kept pushing each other.” – Patricia Druwen 

“The Girls Shred in Leogang was a relaxed get-together of many different characters – all talented athletes. Patricia, Sara and me but also Domi and Pascal, who took part in the shoot as a welcome change on their road trip. The atmosphere was relaxed, although pushing the bikes up again and again felt like hard work from time to time. I've known Patricia for two years. She is very talented. I think my generation paved the way so that today there is a separate discipline, recognition, sponsorship, and prize money for women. It's a beautiful thing and it puts this niche sport further in the spotlight. Girls like Patricia can fully concentrate on the sport.” – Kathi Kuypers

“Leogang was great. I really liked the jump line and especially that you can approach all the jumps so quickly. It was a great experience, and we had a good time there with all the other girls. It's also always cool to meet new people while biking, especially other women. That was great. It was real fun.” – Dominique Ohaco

"The time together with the girls in the Epic Bikepark Leogang could not have been better. Pushing and supporting each other on the bike and the combination of bike park and dirt riding was really cool. Looking forward to next time.” – Sara Bassano

“Leogang was awesome. We were well received. The hotel was amazing. We felt really good. Since we filmed and shot a lot, we had a more or less fixed program, so we didn't have the opportunity to explore the entire area. But we really enjoyed the trails we shot on. So we decided to come back with some friends and end our trip here. Now, I'm leaving Europe with my biggest grin.” – Pascal Sapunar