Bontrager Quantum Shorts

I might be stuck in a rut. I was looking through all of my riding clothes and they all looked the same. Knee length short? Check. Two pockets? Check. Extra venting? Check.

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Oct 20, 2017

You know that feeling of joy you get from unwrapping a quality product from its box? Not the fleeting consumer joy feeling but the one where you realize you only cringe once with quality. That was the feeling I had when I opened a Peral Izumi shoe box loaded with the X-Project Pro, Pearl Izumi’s top of the line crossover shoe in the Project line.

With winter refusing to go away this spring, i have been late getting the bikes out and working on my dirt tan. Slowly, but surely I have been getting the dust off and pumping up tires and even sneaking out for a quick rip around the close trails.

Off the shelf, the Bontrager Thermal Leg Warmer is a standout with a classy understated confidence. It features some standards in typical road attire but it is obvious that much thought went into this essential product.

With the colder months seemly taking up half the year north of the 49 parallel, getting some better riding gear for the fall and spring seemed very necessary this year.

Full disclosure – I don’t own a fat bike. But I was recently provided a pair of Bontrager OMW Softshell pants to review. But I do live in Whistler, BC and we do have some wintery weather here that’s still great for riding before we become buried in snow.

Leatt isn't a company that buys open molds and slaps their name on it. They take pride in designing products that carry a name associated with quality and technology. For the last several months we have been testing the Leatt DBX 6.0 Carbon helmet, and it just might be my favourite helmet to date.

Spring in Whistler usually starts off with a bang. Right to the nice weather, suns out, guns out type of stuff. In fact the my were swimming in a lake on May 1st this year. But when the end of May draws near, the weather always seems to change to a cold June-uary, but late in June mother nature seems to remember to turn the heat back on and it picks right back up where it left off.

Men’s Summit Short Review The Pearl Izumi Summit Short is a noticeably light piece with more technical features than I’d anticipated. Featuring DWR water resistant treatment, 4 way stretch rip-stop fabric, snap and Velcro closure and two simple mesh lined pockets (note: pockets do not allow room for storage).

Unlike any bib short I have worn, the Pearl Izumi Bib Short Liner is a no-nonsense easy rider. Coming from an MTB background, I scoffed at bibs but slowly warmed to their comfort as a sometimes road rider. Its true, nothing beats a bib for fit and comfort for long hours in the saddle.

In the Northwest there are 2 seasons, Raining & sunny with a chance of showers.When you drive further up into the mountains we end up with three season: snow, wet snow & sunny with a chance of showers. Those conditions lead most people I know to have a closet full of jackets. Winter jackets for playing in the snow, running jackets, softshells and the most important of them all, the waterproof jacket.

I can't say I know much about Pearl Izumi shoes, other than they have been making them for a while and Lopes wears them. After my Vans died a horrible sole failure death, I thought I would give the X-Alp Launch II a go.