Bontrager Foray Jacket


With the colder months seemly taking up half the year north of the 49 parallel, getting some better riding gear for the fall and spring seemed very necessary this year.

I settled on the Bontrager Foray Jacket. Designed around a semi fitted cut and made from their Profila Softshell fabric it had lots of movement in the fabric to make riding comfortable.
Draw string waist, two front hand pockets and one upper chest pocket give you more than enough room to hold all of your small pieces. The chest pocket also has a window cut in the back of the pocket to feed your earphone cables through and loops to hold it in place.

Their is no zippered venting in the jacket, but the underarms have a 5x5 grid of laser cut holes on the upper & lower sections that do a pretty good job of getting the heat out.

The hood is held on with five snaps, with enough volume to be worn with a helmet on. There is a velcro size reducer on the back of the hood and an elastic cord to snug up the side to side volume. I did notice that some of the snaps would come unstuck, but not enough of them to loose the hood, but just enough to keep me paranoid. 

The bottom of the jacket has the standard drawstring, and bottom left side has a vertical strip of reflective piping.  Out front there is some seam taping that has been done, which seems to be done more for an esthetic appeal than functional.

Overall i really like the jacket, but it feels more like something that I would use in early fall or spring. Thin enough not to get in the way, but still gives coverage on chilly days. 

As tested: Bontrager Foray Jacket, Waterloo Blue in XL.


Price: $129. USD, as of publishing date on sale for $89.