Bontrager Quantum Shorts


I might be stuck in a rut. I was looking through all of my riding clothes and they all looked the same. Knee length short? Check. Two pockets? Check. Extra venting? Check.

It might be time for me to break the mold and try something completely different.

So I picked up a pair of the Bontrager Quantum Shorts. Off the top of my head, i’m not sure why I choose these ones. Maybe it was the fond memories of high school gym class that came flooding back to me when I saw them, or the fact they have a sewn in chamois, but one thing is for sure they aren’t something that look like the rest of the shorts in my drawer.

The Quantum short aren’t super long, the inseam length is listed as 11”, but it almost feels a bit shorter than that. Hence the gym short feeling. But they are a bit more on the looser fit than other shorts and that makes them end up being very, very comfortable.

The one big difference is that the Quantum short has a sewn in BioDynamic chamois.
That is something that is taking a bit of time to get use to.

I’m not really a chamois guy. Maybe I don’t spend enough hours in a row on the saddle to make it necessary. That or I have a fat ass that doesn’t need anymore padding on it. But i must admit that the BioDynamic is pretty comfortable after you get use to it being there.

The Quantum has a pocket on the right side that has a section for your phone to slide into, a zippered pocket around back on the right side and a drawstring closure.

Price: $69.99