Bontrager Thermal Leg Warmers


Off the shelf, the Bontrager Thermal Leg Warmer is a standout with a classy understated confidence. It features some standards in typical road attire but it is obvious that much thought went into this essential product.

  • Profila Thermal fabric is designed to wick away moisture and keep you dry. Do note that in a cold downpour, these are not your desired garment of choice but on these days perhaps the bike is best left on the mantle (unless you are employing Rule #9*).
  • Articulated cut allows garment to move with your body
  • Silicone thigh ‘grippers’ designed to keep leg warmer in place

There is a subtle single stitch accent which adds to the classy look without these turning into a hipster must have. They feature a comfy micro-fibre inside. The always understated Bontrager logo is festooned with reflector dots which don’t let this warmer jump out.

They only come in a leg warmer should (think tough Oakland Raiders of the 1990’s).

Of note are the 8-inch ankle zippers which are at the side (unlike most road leggings which tend to be at the back). They are utilitarian nonetheless and allow for easy removal over road shoes should you get too hot mid ride.

Price: $49.95 usd

Color: Black, but there is another model in bright green.

Website: Bontrager thermal leg warmer


* the-rules