Reviewed: Leatt DBX Shorts & Jersey.


Toward the end of the 2016 bike park season, I got myself a set of the new Leatt DBX shorts & jersey.

Timing was pretty good, as I got the gear just as the hot weather left for the season, but just before freezing your nuts of weather came in.

Leatt DBX 5.0 Jersey
I must admit that the DBX 5.0 jersey is very well thought out. The full length sleeves and body are cut from a breathable/windproof fabric that has had a dirt/water replant coating applied to the arms, chest & sides to keep it as dry and clean. The back panel of the DBX 5.0 is made from a slightly different fabric that is designed to vent the air out and wick away the moisture from your body. On the back of the jersey below waist level they applied some silicone strips that help keep the jersey tucked in and they also snuck in a zippered pocket with a swatch of fabric for wiping your goggles.
Both of the elbows have extra reinforcements made from an ultra-thin flex film that adds a nice level of abrasion resistance to the fabric. Just enough to give you some protection in the area of contact, but not change the feel of the jersey and weigh it down.
The fit of the DBX 5.0 jersey is tailored, but I wouldn't call it tight, despite finding it a bit snug in the forearms, but the rest was a nice fit. Size as tested was XL, which matches most other brands that I have tried.

Size as tested: XL
Price: $74.99 USD



Leatt DBX Shorts.
Fall riding is where the DBX 5.0 Shorts shone through. They are made from three ply HydraDri material that has completely taped seams. The fabric is rated at 20,000mm, which is actually higher than what my snowboard gear is. Meaning this short can handle a rough day in the saddle of punching out laps in the ugliest of conditions.
The cut of the shorts could be described as “Euro enduro”. The yoke of the shorts was more inline with a low-rise styled short, while the inseam length was consistent with current styled shorts, but started higher up. I couldn't get away from the feeling like my underwear was miss aligned or just being constricted. But with the shorts being a little more snug in the seat to crotch area, I just found it a little weird for my body shape.
The length of the shorts came to just past knee on me in a size XL. The fabric was cut pre shaped before construction so it has a more natural feel and an easier movement in it.
Despite being able to survive a hurricane in the shorts, I didn't find them to be overly hot, in part to the large zippers out back that help to dispel heat.
Once again the fabric has been treated with repellent coating, and features YKK zippers with reinforced stitching to prevent blowouts.

Size as tested: XL
Price: $119.99 USD