Bontrager Rhythm Shorts


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the Rhythm shorts is how lightweight they are.

Throw in the durability of the build & materials and these shorts have been a winner for me all season. Ride after ride they have put up with me doing my best to wreck them, part of what I like is the stretchy, woven fabric that feels to conform better than regular static fabrics.

Bontrager utilizes laser cut holes on the inside front of each leg helping get some air in to cool you down. New this year is a woven nylon belt with an aluminum closure. Nothing overly crazy here, but it’s just keeping you from blowing your buttons out.

Up top there are two front pockets, which are large enough to fit a couple cards or small tool without getting in the way. The right side has a inner pocket to keep your phone in which works pretty well.
Beside the left pocket and just a bit below, there is a zippered pocket that you can use for pocket items that you need to secure away.

The inseam on the Rhythm short is 14”, which falls just above the knee and feels good for peddling around. The sizing seems to run a bit on the smaller size and I would almost say that you need to go up one size to get the best fit.


Price: $79.00