It's my all-star EWS fantasy team. Moseley & Vouilloz on top!

Racing doesn’t come tougher than the Vittoria EWS-E Pietra Ligure, so it was only fitting that it should be conquered by two of the sport’s most enduring stars. 

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Sep 20, 2020


The beast was back. Mt. 7 Psychosis.

Over 1200 vertical meters. 7.3 kilometers of steep, rough and rocky singletrack. One infamous entrance, and one equally notorious “choking on glass” (credit to Tyler Morland in Seasons) hike-a-bike section. Add 10 years of history and a list of legendary champions, and the renown of the Mt7...


Vogel Partners with Star of the Future

When Mathieu van der Poel turned the cycling world on its head by winning cyclocross, road and mountain bike races on the biggest stage, fans were amazed. He also opened the door for a generation of riders who see their futures on the road, in the mountains and boggy fields.