Killian Bron.  Photo by:  pango visual


Switzerland Paradise.

Join Kilian Bron and his film crew to discover the highest peaks of Switzerland in all their glory!

Emil Johnansson.  Rotorua


Emil Johansson – The Forbidden Dream

“It’s not something you dare to dream about to be honest so when it becomes a reality, it’s really hard to process.”


Orange Seal Tubeless kit.

It wasn't going particularly well for me that morning. It had started with a flat, which I replaced, then I promptly pinched the tube with the tire iron putting it back together.

Truth be told, this is my second Leatt Full Face Helmet.  My previous helmet was a Leatt DBX 5.0, which served me well for a couple years of riding.
19 months after it last wrapped, and six months after it was originally scheduled to run, the wait is almost over. Crankworx is set to make its triumphant return to its Southern Hemisphere home in Rotorua, November 1-7, 2021.
The opening stage of the 2021 Swiss Epic showcases the summer attractions of one of the world’s most celebrated winter sport destinations, St. Moritz.
The wait is now officially over: on Wednesday, August 25th, Val di Sole was back to breathing the air of great mountain bike events after two years, and the challenge offered by the riders in the opening Team Relay certainly did not disappoint the expectations, and bodes very well for what’s next...
A few days out from the Swiss Epic opener join Andri Frischknecht and his SCOTT-SRAM teammates to learn how Andri goes to the start line in good shape for racing be it XCO or Marathon.
“I have always been a huge fan of big international sports events and festivals. This video, my BIKE Pentathlon is my way of acknowledging this. It’s my tribute to the sport – with twinkle in the eye.” – Tomomi Nishikubo
Tomomi Nishikubo by Satoshi Saijo
Last year I finally bought a truck, something I’ve never had. With a SUV, I’ve always used a Yakima HoldUp and optionally a HoldUp +2 when I need to carry 4 bikes. On the pickup, that set up seemed very long and I was quickly looking for a different solution.
Morgane Such is part of a new generation of mountain bikers: she is fast, she is young, she rides all kind of different bikes and she knows the social media game by heart.  
From Downhill to motorsports, mixing Enduro and with this finest style, today we show you the talented skills of our young talent Leo Jaegle!