Steve Smith's Crankworx Story.

Legendary racer Steve Smith shares what it's like to constantly push his own boundaries in "How far does this trail go?", the final episode on the Crankworx community. As the two-time winner of the Crankworx Whistler Canadian Open Downhill, Smith never stops nudging past his own limits and this year, the 25-year-old Cassidy, B.C. native paid the price for riding the edge.  

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Dec 16, 2014


Meet the Goldstones.

If you haven't see a clip of Jackson Goldstone, you might have missed out on what the future of biking might look like. But Jackson is just one in a family of rippers. He has an older sister Bailey, who also very impression on either mountain bikes or BMX. The Goldstone parents Ron & Miriam...


Dan Atherton. Escape. Create.

Dan Atherton is driven to dig, he's been pushing the boundaries of what's possible on a bike - all through creating technical tracks to ride. Find out more about the eldest of the Atherton trio and how he's helped push their riding to the highest level. Video after the jump.  


Business as usual, for the Dudes of Hazzard.

The Dudes of Hazzard have had a great year of traveling, racing and riding bikes. Going off the success of the Dudeumentary series in 2013 the boys have taken it a step further in 2014 and made the full length "Business as Usual" movie. Split into 5 parts for release, here is part 1 as the boys...


Winter is coming: more skiing videos.

Vasu Sojitra lost his right leg to a blood infection at 9 months old. Rather than letting his disability define him, Vasu has always treated his amputation as a mere hiccup in life. "Out on a Limb" is a short film that profiles Vasu's inspiring story and follows him as he ventures deeper into the...


Not too bad for a rookie.

The 18 year old shredder from Boston, USA, Nicholi Rogatkin has firmly stamped his name in amongst the best freeride athletes on the FMB World Tour this season. The mountain bike pro has brought a bag full of technical tricks to the table, which have placed him on podiums worldwide. Starting from...


Life Behind Bars: Whistler. The Best. Period.

Brandon, Logan, R-dog and Inty hit up the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. They have a little session on A-line, hit up the Airdome, and ride Top of the World. Along the way they reminisce about the past two seasons showing you some never seen before LBB and Rad Company footage.


Life Behind Bars: Highland Bike Park.

Brandon, R-dog, and Logan head east and hook up with Aaron Chase at Highland mountain bike park for a three day private session. The boys are handed the keys to the castle and get some practice on the slopestyle course, shred some DH laps and session the world class dirt jump trails.  


On Track with Curtis Keene.

They called it "Crankzilla": the longest, toughest, hottest and some would say most technically demanding race of the Enduro World Series this season. 60 KM of riding, 2500 Meters of elevation gain and more than 7 hours of riding through five stages that would test amateurs and Pros both...


Danny MacAskill has a new video, and it's a doozy.

Today, Danny MacAskill launched his brand new mountain bike clip "The Ridge". Filmed on his home island, the Isle of Skye, the video shows Danny tackling a never ridden before ridge on a full suspension mountain bike. Conquering epic terrain, riding death defying cliffs and climbing up to the...


Trek World Racing Stories: Episode 1.4

Trek World Racing today releases the 4th instalment of STORIES for 2014. The World Championships in Norway will be remembered for many things, but without doubt, Neko Mulally's chainless run to 4th place will go down in history as a truly remarkable achievement.


Red Bull District Ride Video. Watch it.

Cobblestone alleys and insane tricks, Bratwurst smoke and massive airtime. The comeback of Red Bull District Ride has been a blast with a unique combination of medieval flair and a versatile track. As icing on the cake, the world's best mountain bike slopestyle athletes pushed the trick level in...


Trek World Racing Stories: Episode 1.3

Trek World Racing today releases the third instalment of STORIES for 2014. The North American leg of the Mountain Bike World Cup is always full of surprises and comes well into the 2nd half of the season, and in the middle of summer. All of our riders were looking fast at both race venues, and...