Going for Six, Episode 2


“I was very motivated going into that first race... and I feel the same way after. I just want to keep improving every weekend” – Aaron Gwin

When we think about our favorite DH racers we typically don’t get to see the real heart and courage that goes on, off the podium, and the dedication, spirit and work it takes to get there.

With Going For Six with Aaron Gwin, Episode 2, we get to see how a multi-time champion regroups from a hard spill in race#1, stays positive and steps up to responsibilities to exhibit true championship character.

We see the world that Aaron lives in, and his day-to-day responsibilities as a team owner, a racer, mentor, coach and husband. Having just moved from California to Tennessee, Aaron takes us with him for a few intimate days and we get to see his life from the inside out as he talks about his move, his team and his motivation from his new teammate, Dakotah Norton …and lots more.

The life of a racer is a roller coaster, with the highest highs and the lowest lows. To be a multi-time champion means you thrive and excel in these situations. You’ve got to be able to handle the physical and emotional challenges and persevere while facing it all. Aaron Gwin is not afraid of the ride, and we’re excited to see him regroup like the champion he is and to continue forward on his quest for six.