Bell Super Helmet


What weights 390 grams, has 25 vents and carries two certifications?

The Super was designed to be a helmet that was cool and light enough to be worn on long XC rides, but tough enough to handle crashes at higher speeds. The design of the helmet has really been aimed at the Enduro crowd: extra vents, removable visor and the ability to fit goggles on the helmet. All of which are really pulling in that direction.



The construction of the helmet uses the Bell Fusion In-Mold Microshell. Where the microshell is bonded directly to the EPS foam during construction, making the helmet as light as possible. The visor is removable, and has more than 25ยบ of movement in it, so that if you are wearing goggles with it, you can get them up and off your face when needed.

The rear of the Super comes down further than other XC helmets, but to what I would consider normal on most newer helmets. The sides of the Super come down further than other helmets I have had before. The profile of it reminds me of a hockey helmet when I look at it, but once it is on it becomes unnoticeable. Molded into the shell above your eyes is their Overbrow venting system. It is a series of vents that line up with the vents on goggles so that heat from your face doesn't get blocked from escaping and ending up increasing the chance of fogging up.

The liner is very comfortable and has anti microbial properties. The fit is adjustable, basically one handed by a tensioning dial at the back of the neck. I found the fit to be extremely good and comfortable, especially on longer rides. Sometimes a helmet can start off feeling great, but as a ride rolls along, a small, almost unnoticeable irritant can turn into something much larger. I have noticed that on some helmets, how they sit on my head can become bothersome and I end up with the helmet kicked way forward on my head to get it into a zone that is much more confortable.

There is an integrated GoPro mount on the top of the helmet so you don't have to worry about missing any of the awesomeness that happens once you put it on.

The Super has also passed and been awarded CE EN1078 & CPSC certifications making it one of the safest helmets in the world.


Opinion: I really like the fit of the Super, the adjustabilty of it meant that the fit was perfect and exactly how I wanted it.  Would I buy one? yes, would I recommend it to others, definately.

MSRP: $125
Weight: 390 Grams



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