7 IDP Enduro Series France. Registration opens Jan 10.


The registrations opening for the 11th season of the Enduro Series, the 5th to be labelled as FFC France Cup, will occur on the 10th of January at 6pm on the Tribe Events website (

More than a decade old for the Enduro Series and the perfect occasion for us to thank our partners without which for sure nothing would have been possible.

Therefore the British protection brand 7 IDP has renewed its partnership to remain like last year the title sponsor of the 2015 « 7IDP Enduro Series – FFC France Cup ».



Fox, Michelin, Alltricks, Giant, Royal Racing, All Mountain Style, Evoc, Urge bp, Brake Authority & Electric Motion will also support very actively the organisation.

Few amendments and announcements are worth noticing:

From the 10th to the 24th of January, registrations are open to the FFC licence holders only. From the 24th at 6pm, registrations will be opened to all.

Fees remain unchanged compared to 2014 with again the possibility to get a 6-races package at reduced price.

The 2015 calendar includes 6 races:

3 events, Val d'Allos, Les Orres and Valloire will be raced under the original Enduro Series format over 2 days, liaisons being done mostly with ski lifts. The Friday track walk will be removed. But the first run of each stage will not be timed, as what is currently done on the French rounds of the EWS.

3 events, Blausasc, Millau and Tignes - Val d'Isère will be raced on the rally format, with liaisons entirely on the bike for Blausasc and Millau and a mix between bike and lifts in Tignes – Val d'Isère.

The Saturday race day will not count. Therefore the riders will be able to ride the entire course but without timing. Everything will be in place like a proper race day, but the clock won't tick. On Sunday, we start again but this time, the clock is on, the real race then. The Saturday is compulsory and of course, the Friday track walk is also removed. All details are available on the rules attached and also online.

This new format configuration has been designed to bring a maximum of equity between the local riders, the riders used to the Enduro Series circuit, and the new riders. We think it's the best compromise considering all the different factors which are sometimes also cost effective, for the riders or the organisation.

Direct consequence of the new formula: points are not given by race day anymore (1 round on Saturday and one round on Sunday) as in 2014, but by week-end results, whether it's the original or rally format.

Per round, a prize money of minimum 1500€ will be handed and 5000€ to the overall final winners over the 6 races.

Regarding an important rule point about the helmets with a removable chinguard, we inform you that Tribe Events have mentioned this point to the FFC and it's being currently looked at. We will keep you informed as soon as possible of the FFC decisions.

Finally, Tribe Events is proud to officially introduce a new category in enduro with the pedal assisted E-bikes.

Thanks to our partnership with the bike brand Giant, an « E-bike Enduro Trophy by Giant » is born in 2015 over two rounds, Blausasc and Millau.

Few simple rules are already in place for this category due to be successful with a bright future since the E-bikes are well suited for enduro riding.

Strict limitation of the power at 250W and only 1 battery pack per day is authorized. Giant will bring all its expertise on the ground during the technical checks before, during and after the race. Riders from this category will take the start together after the non-motorised riders. We're very excited with the idea of bringing to life and develop a new category.

Giant will reward the trophy winner with a MTB E-bike.

The 2015 season is looking as a must race for multiple reasons, the first being that Tribe Events is planning to offer you an exceptional playing ground thanks to a diverse terrain selection where the ride always comes first !