Tommy G, playing bikes in the forest.


Thomas Genon is one of the most stylish slopestyle athletes out there. However even the steezy and versatile Belgian is not immune to injury and a broken foot at the beginning of the year cost him quite some time on the bike.

The 2015 FMB World Champion made good use of the time off his two wheels and got creative. Tommy G came up with a few ideas, which he soon put into action as soon as he was able to get shredding again. This new edit shows Tommy G shredding in his new home spot hidden away in mystical woods bathed in evening sunlight 180 kilometers/ 111 miles north of Montpellier.

“Shooting is something I really enjoy. This project came to life when I was injured. I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to do when I get back on my bike. I thought about a lot of different ideas and tricks and it feels so good to see some of them in this video!

The main thing in this video is to show what I ride and like doing on a bike. From slope to trail and playing around on two wheels. I had so much fun shooting everything you can see in the clip! When you ride a contest you can't really be creative and take time to make it look good.

Most of the shots are in my yard and in the forest behind my house. As soon as I felt well enough to ride again after the injury, Marc-Olivier and I started shooting. It took a little less than a week to get everything done. Not bad considering it was the first time we had ever worked together! We had a great time and could both focus on what we want to do without pressure.”