Tomas Lemoine.  Photo by: David Nogales


Tomas Lemoine releases his most Lil’Moine project to date: Alien Blood


Canyon has a reputation for creating unique pieces of content, and this is pushed to new levels with Tomas Lemoine in their new project. Tomas and JC Pieri take us on a musical journey full of big tricks and… Aliens?! Watch it now.

Have you ever had a dream where you are abducted by aliens before waking up in a weird mix of panic and relief? If so, French MTB star Tomas Lemoine probably captured that dream, or most likely nightmare in his latest edit.

One of the world’s most versatile MTB riders and a huge star in slopestyle, Tomas Lemoine is known to be so much more than just a rider. His fashion sense, portrayed in his unique contest outfits are a common topic of conversation among avid MTB followers, who many know as ‘Lil’Moine’, his rap alias. For Alien Blood, Tomas recorded the soundtrack in a professional studio before shooting the first ride scene of the edit, calling it his ‘best song ever’.

In Alien Blood, all these component parts of Tomas’s personality and lifestyle truly come together for the first time. A new tune, his very own fantasy alien world and absolutely mind-blowing riding skills.

For Lil’Moine, out-of-the-box thinking might be easier than following the pre-established norms and processes, in that sense, his partnership with Canyon is ideal. He had the freedom to go out and produce a video that was based on his own original music, rather than choose a track to suit the riding in a total reversal of the usual process.

“When the idea for a video project with Lemoine came up we knew the outcome was going to be anything but normal. Insane riding, a fresh track from Lil’Moine himself, and then an Alien …? It’s awesome to see Lemoine and JC push the boundaries of MTB edits and create something truly unique.’ Jack Noy, MTB & Gravity Brand Manager, Canyon.

How could we possibly define Alien Blood in a few words? Words fall short, it is something else, simply.

“Alien Blood is my first big video project ever in MTB. I wanted to show who I am and what my Stratos universe is. Almost everything that is not biking in my life is music, so creating the soundtrack was very important for me. Meeting a real alien was the cherry on the cake! The project is completely STRATOS.” Tomas Lemoine.