Thomas Genon.  Photo by: Boris Beyer

Thomas Genon needs no introduction. Having been at the forefront of the freeride and slopestyle scenes for many years, he has established himself as a reference in the world of MTB.

What is less known though, is the Belgian’s love of creative content productions, be it photo or video. “Renaissance” is the fruit of a great collaboration between Thomas, Canyon and Hector Cash, with yet another amazing result.

Renaissance is all about pushing the boundaries of MTB. Thomas Genon, aka Tommy G, strives to ride mountain bikes in the purest form there is, which sums up Renaissance: reinventing MTB every day by focusing on its essence. Style is key and it is exactly what Tommy can produce like almost nobody else.

His vision perfectly matches his long-term partner Canyon. Since 2013, they’ve been working together on projects that put a focus on MTB as a very pure form of art.

“Year after year, Tommy G continues to prove he is so much more than a Slopestyle athlete. With contests like Rampage scratching Tommy’s freeride itch to some extent, this project was the perfect opportunity to let Tommy’s imagination run wild aboard the big bike.” Jack Noy, MTB & Gravity Brand Manager, Canyon.

Purists like Thomas are a rare breed, and not a lot of brands manage to create products that will fit their riding. In that sense, Canyon is unique. They manage to produce bikes that allow riders to combine speed, style and tricks the way they want. It results in a seamless harmony between the rider and their machine. Enabling MTBers to express themselves to their full extent, and what a pleasure to watch when it happens for us mere mortals.

“Freeride is all about creativity, every rider has to show their own style, that’s what I love about it. Canyon bikes have always enabled me to express myself in the best way there is.” Thomas Genon.