The Roads Are Alive With The Sound of Music


In the latest episode of The Escape, the Olympic and multiple World Champion takes us on one of his favorite road loops in his local backyard. Epic climbs in front of stunning mountain ridges will put this one on every rider's list!

Chur, Switzerland. Nino Schurter is arguably the best mountain biker of all time. Many people still don't know that he's a keen road cyclist as well and spends a lot of his time training on a road bike. He's lucky in that his home region is not just amazing for mountain biking, but also offers incredible road rides.
It is mid-September; the mountain bike race season is almost over and the day greets with blue skies and warm temperatures. The perfect day to get out on your road bike and enjoy a big loop in the mountains. Follow Nino and his SCOTT-SRAM teammate Andri Frischknecht on a training ride on home soil. Get inspiration for some of your next bikes trips and you might just be able to challenge the Champion on these climbs one day. Discover the full story written by Nino Schurter further below.

“The Escape” provides cycling enthusiasts inspiration for their next weekend escape. This road series highlights some of the most beautiful road and gravel rides worldwide.To be able to ride it yourself, we provide a download of the GPX or Garmin file at the end of the article and provide additional information about the difficulty of the loop.