That crazy Danny MacAskill is at it again!

Danny MacAskill

Scottish bike trials rider, Danny MacAskill escapes the northern winter for an exotic ride along Gran Canaria's rooftops. Danny MacAskill Cascadia is a new video filmed by Mount Creative and shot 100% on GoPro cameras. Danny's lighthearted ride across Gran Canaria's rooftops is a playful depiction of how the street trials icon reads an urban environment. The stomach turning 'point of view' footage is guaranteed to test your vertigo threshold!

Danny MacAskill returns to our screens with a brand new, all GoPro clip, packed with good vibes and amazing riding. Balancing, dropping and jumping over rooftops on the Spanish Island of Gran Canaria, the Scottish mountain bike hero reignites the summer feeling with his new, inspiring video. "I really wanted to go all out on this GoPro clip" – said Danny MacAskill. Immune to the effect of vertigo, Danny was free to maneuver his way around the city from a unique perspective. "The architecture, colors and lifestyle with all the animals on Gran Canaria really spoke to me, and straight away I knew this would be perfect for what I wanted to create. I wanted people watching to really feel the vertigo which is why I wanted to be riding right on the edge, capturing GoPro POV footage."

Shot by Mount Creative using numerous camera angles, GoPro mounts and drone footage – the clip takes the viewer on a sunny journey, bringing to life the local culture with a heavy dash of adrenaline. "I have filmed with Danny before but everyone really outdid themselves on this one!" - comments Robbie Meade from Mount Creative. Danny was keen to finish the clip with a bang, leaving viewers breathless – needless to say, mission accomplished. "I really wanted to finish the clip with something memorable, so a 70-foot (20 meters) front flip from one of the rooftops into the sea seemed about right. After a few speed checks, I just went for it and the cameras caught it perfectly so thankfully I didn't have to do it again. It was actually quite good fun!"