Szymon Godziek felt backflip superman's were too easy.


Polish rider Szymon Godziek is dazzling audiences once again with his unique style after nailing another world first trick.

Godziek also showcased a spectacular backflip over the Tour de Pologne peloton on a road bike earlier in August and his new video displays yet more legendary action.

The freestyle rider said: “There were so many takes of my backflip tsunami at Red Bull District Ride, I thought it was worth developing further, and that’s how the project idea was born.

“In the video I managed to score a personal best, meaning that all my superman’s were more extended than ever before. As usual, I was inspired by freestyle motocross and took my performance to the next level.

“It’s a very important project for me, because it shows all the effort I put into building the track and intense training.”

The video named ‘Extension Man’ confirms he is in great shape ahead of the upcoming Red Bull District Ride with a set of extended moves also accompanying the new never seen before trick.

Along with the help of his crew, he transformed his backyard into a true paradise for flying mountain bike enthusiasts and the only venue of its kind in Poland.

He said of it: “My favourite line includes a drop, a huge straight jump, a ‘whale tail’ which is a step up and down located on a container, finished off with a dirt quarter pipe featuring a wooden kicker.

“Especially for the biggest tricks, we’ve build a super kicker allowing for nine-meter flights or a foam pit landing.”