Supercars, gravel bikes and dangerous trails


My right foot remains firm and precise, my arms semiflexed but waiting for any signal to react, the wonderful roar of the V8 engine is music to my ears and the 625 hp of the McLaren MP4-12C push me furiously down the back roads.

I'm heading towards the mountains. No need to confess that I love any kind of machine with wheels, so despite driving a sport car as special as this I guess you understand that I should also carry my bike on this trip. Yes, I know that it breaks a bit the aerodynamics of this supercar but in this life everything has a beginning and an end and the roads, although many times they may seem infinite, are also finished and that's where the path start, those that do not maps, those that take us to unexplored and amazing places.

McLaren MP4-12C

The truth is that the figures of this car had me a bit restless at first, from 0 to 100 in 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 333 km / h. A weight of only 1350 Kg (+ 11 Kg extra of my Kross Esker). A faithful competitor of cars such as the Mercedes SLS, the Ferrari 458 or the Lamborghini Aventador. Everything to indicate that it would not be easy to drive but even though it was not their natural habitat, as the bumpy country roads were not ideal for their benefits, I loved how easy to manage it is. The adventure began with rhythm, good day, sun, ideal conditions to enjoy a good route by car. The curves were linked one after the other, suddenly something catches my attention, I seem to spot something in the distance. I swear it was a catwalk on a river ?. Immediately I give a swerve in the first detour I see, but shit, the road ends here, I can´t keep going with the McLaren so it's time to pedal and give free rein to all those riding desires that I had accumulated along the way .

Dangerous trails

An infinite dirt track brings me closer to what looks like a castle in the distance, it is Alquézar, a town located in the municipality of the Natural Park of the Sierra and the Canyons of Guara. Its construction dates from the ninth century and everything in this place seems to be taken from a story worthy of the best troubadours. Streets of yesteryear, magical corners and a rich local cuisine flood everything. But what I'm looking for is near, a descent of stone stairs called the "Barranco de la Fuente". Here begins a journey that will test my balance and all my senses. The humidity hugs the rocks and the wheels do not find grip anywhere, you have to release the brake and touch it only in areas that can provide grip. The griffon vultures fly in a circle above me, I think they sense that I am a stranger and something disturbs them.

The sections of path, rocks and wooden walkways take me down canyon, I don´t see the water of the Vero river but it is already intuited. Suddenly the canyon opens and "voilà" the Picamartillo Cave discovers before me the path to the waterfall in the Azud. I climb some stairs and sprint through the metal walkways, the width is minimal and you have to spin very thin to not touch with the handlebar on the handrails, as that could have fatal consequences. The catwalk is so narrow that in some sections I must spend doing a wheelie and bouncing the rear wheel so that the handlebars pass over the cable rails. Once the action by the canyons begins a relentless and hard climb that after fighting against my own legs get to the top. There it was, shining, roaring again, the McLaren would take me home again. This had been a different adventure, I would say twice, the passion for driving and the passion for riding a bicycle had embraced and I do not know which of the two I was having more fun. Gas and pedals my friends, see you in the next adventure.