Sound of Speed. Chainless with Remy Morton.


From BMX to downhill and everything in between, Remy Morton has made a name for himself as one of the finest bike handlers this world has ever seen. Join him for a chainless run in Queenstown, NZ.


Three years after a devastating crash that saw him kept in a coma to recover from his injuries, Aussie mountain bike star Remy Morton has recovered to display his raw high energy riding in a new Sound of Speed video set in New Zealand.

Here is all you need to know:

  • The Queensland native grew up riding BMX primarily and later graduated to MTB downhill racing where he went on to become a fan favourite during the UCI Junior World Cup series in 2015 and 2016.
  • Morton is also known for sending huge jumps in events like the FEST series of freeride jams and an enormous crash at the Loosefest event in 2017 saw him suffer a laundry list of serious injuries that included a broken neck, broken hip and double punctured lungs.
  • Doctors said the injuries were similar to someone who had fallen off a three story building and they reckon he hit the ground at a speed of 75-kilometres an hour.
  • The Australian had to be put in a coma as part of his recovery and fought back from injuries that could have ended his career to ride again within six months.
  • Now, three years later, Morton is back doing what he does best filming Sound of Speed in New Zealand in his natural habitat among some of the most unforgiving terrain with the unadulterated action complemented by sounds of soft rubber tearing through the earth.
  • After long 12-hour filming days, the 22-year-old revealed: "The plan is there is no plan. I like going down fast and rough and it shows a side of me that doesn't get shown too much. I had this image when I saw the table was wet, I reckon I could grind that. Turns out my extremely tired brain actually came up with a really mean idea. I've never really found or built the right feature to do it on yet and then that came up and it was the perfect natural habitat for it."
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