Scott Makes a New Helmet: Stego. Able to go full Euro.


Always questioning the status quo by striving for perfection, SCOTT's test winning MTB Enduro helmet comes completely redesigned from scratch for 2021.

Functionality and the latest safety technology features wrapped in a modern design shell make this helmet your first choice for heading into stunning mountain bike adventures over the weekend, competing in local Enduro races or throwing down laps on your favorite flow trails. 

With class-leading coverage, a focus on protecting the head’s most vulnerable areas, and an integrated MIPS® Brain Protection System, the Stego Plus ensures you can continue to push yourself with confidence.

Progressive Absorption Construction & Optimized Ventilation
Our progressive absorbing construction using EPS foam and PU pads provides better protection for low and mid-energy impacts. This combined with the MIPS® Brain Protection System for rotational impacts makes the SCOTT STEGO the safest enduro helmet we’ve ever created. 
The Stego makes those hot summer days feel cooler with massive air vents strategically placed across the shell, designed to guarantee optimal airflow at any speed.

Our 360 HALO fit system offers a huge range of micro adjustability. Find the perfect height of the rear ergonomic cradle while the helmet is on your head. We also improved its touch and feel with a rubberized ring for optimum grip when setting with gloves on.

Stylish and Convenient
The new Stego comes with a second visor featuring a GoPro mount. Storing goggles is also easy. Simply flip the visor up, place the goggles on the helmet and make sure the strap sits tightly on the back of the helmet.