Remy ABSALON leaving Commencal.


The gossips have spread out across the paddocks so it's time to make it official:

Remy ABSALON won't be riding for COMMENCAL anymore. But because a nine years' relationship can't be summarized in only a few words, we dedicated this video to him tracing back the years he spent with us.


Go check out our last production; this funny, surprising and moving retrospective is full of good memories...


Nine years. Nine years replete of competitions, trips, encounters, videos and photos. During all this time, Remy offered us wonderful victories riding the whole range of META and helping to improve it.

Even if our partnership stops at the end of the 2013 season, we are wishing to spend one last good moment with him. Thus, with his usual calmness and joviality, Remy goes back one year after another on the different times that have marked his career and that enabled him to become one of the best enduro riders in the world.

"Remy's last interview", or how to part with your head filled with great memories!
Thank you my friend, so long!