Red Bull Hardline happened on the weekend. Looked crazy.


Red Bull Hardline 2017 was one for the history books. The course was harder than ever before, with sketchy conditions transforming the track throughout the entire weekend.

Riders were caught out by the slippery, steep rocks just before the massive road gap, with many slipping pedals and some coming off altogether. Despite the 2016 winner Bernard Kerr (GBR) and first place qualifier Adam Brayton (GBR) being favourites for the win, small mistakes throughout Kerr's run and a crash for Brayton meant that it was Craig Evans (GBR) who came out on top at the end of the day.


  1. Craig Evans (GBR) – 02.31.29
  2. Bernard Kerr (GBR) – 02.33.30
  3. Dan Atherton (GBR) – 02.33.73
  4. Laurie Greenland (GBR) – 02.36.26
  5. Adam Brayton (GBR) – 02.36.40
  6. Graeme Mudd (AUS) – 02.36.73
  7. Kaos Seagrave (GBR) – 02.45.40
  8. Taylor Vernon (GBR) –02.45.96
  9. Al Bond (GBR) – 02.49.99
  10. Alexandre Fayolle (FRA) – 03.04.31