Red Bull Formation.


With Red Bull Formation ending, it was the last chance for the athletes to go big or go home on the third and final ride day. All the sweat equity and anticipation from the week were culminating into a day of epic top-to-bottom lines.

First up was Hannah Bergemann, who crushed her line at the very start of the morning. After a test of the middle portion of the venue, she dropped in at the top of the mountain. With two double-drops, her run was steep and technical, inspiring confidence in the other athletes when she skidded to a stop at the end.

“She really set the tone for the event in a big way by sending that run,” said Katie Holden, one of the founding organizers for the event. “It leveled up the girls to own their lines.”

Second to send was Chelsea Kimball, who was the only athlete to create a brand-new feature on the course, a drop-in to a gap jump over a canyon. Speed and wind factored into her approach, but she was ultimately able to overcome them to lay down a memorable run.

“She envisioned this feature, built it and nailed it. She did what she came for and worked her tail off on this one,” commented Vaea Verbeeck.

The other athletes all began to drop-in to their lines, appearing gravity-defying as they pieced together everything that they encountered during the week.

“I truly believe I accomplished everything that I wanted to do at Red Bull Formation,” said Cami Nogueira. “And that was to push myself out of my comfort zone and ride something epic.”

As the camp neared a close, one athlete walked away with a new accolade: the Evolution in Action Award, presented by event sponsor Arc’teryx. While the event is about collaboration rather than competition, athletes had the opportunity to vote for a participant that represents the values of Red Bull Formation: leading with a “rising tide” mentality, pushing themselves to their full potential but also lifting those around them with excellence on and off the course.

Walking away with the award was none other than Hannah Bergmann.

“The thing I’m most proud of is to ride in a way that inspires confidence in everyone else,” said Bergmann upon accepting the award.