Richie Schley.  Photo by:  Piotr Staron.


Our old friend Richie Schley popped up in the south of France.


Hot on the heels of the release of the QUIN crash detection technology by ABUS, the expert for home and mobile security, comes the release of “Never Bike Alone”.

ABUS’s new video, starring none other than freeride legend Richie Schley who, aided by the new QUIN technology, explored trails off the beaten path in the south of France. The stunning terrain of the Provence, mixed with Richie’s taste for adventure, was the perfect testing ground for this new piece of tech.

Richie Schley has been riding trails all around the world for decades and is of course more than happy to share the trail and the stoke with his friends, but as we all know, it’s not always easy to find a riding buddy that is up for a spontaneous shred or for the lines you have in mind: “I like riding all kinds of different stuff and I typically like to ride gnarlier, steeper terrain and more technical trails. A lot of my friends sometimes aren’t into it, so in those times I find myself riding alone. When you’re away from civilization and you don’t have a buddy, it’s kind of nice to have all the different kinds of security you can have in case something goes wrong”, Richie explains. “ABUS just came out with a new technology which takes it to the next step. It’s called QUIN and if you’re riding alone and you’re going to have a crash it can notify whoever you have set up in the app,” Richie adds.

With the smart QUIN system, ABUS adds integrated crash detection to its bicycle helmets. Every helmet equipped with the ABUS-QUIN-Technology has its own private emergency call center. The helmets have an integrated accelerometer that detects and evaluates falls. In the event of a fall, the crash detection triggers the emergency routine on the paired smartphone via a Bluetooth signal and automatically notifies a previously defined person and sends through the location of the rider, allowing the contact person to organize help if needed.

Richie really appreciates the benefits of QUIN: “I like to make sure that somebody knows where I am or could find me if something really went wrong when I am by myself, so it’s pretty awesome because it kind of opens the freedom to go out there by yourself and feel pretty sure that if something happens to you, someone is going to find you.“

The heart of the ABUS-QUIN-Technology is the QUIN chip. Designed and developed specifically for cycling, the chip uses reliable Bluetooth 5.0 technology to communicate with the sensors in the helmet as well as the rider's smartphone. In particular, the MonTrailer mountain bike helmet, which is aimed at ambitious trail and enduro riders, is upgraded by this technology in terms of active safety.

Independently of the crash detection, real-time tracking can be triggered manually in any dangerous situation. Simply tap the rear helmet area four times - and the emergency routine takes its course. The crash detection is controlled via app and all contacts and settings can be controlled there. An important feature is that the user has the option to deactivate the alarm.

In addition to the MonTrailer QUIN, ABUS offers three other helmets with the ABUS-QUIN-Technology in its range: the performance road and gravel helmet Aventor QUIN, its little brother, the Viantor QUIN, and the all-round MTB helmet Moventor QUIN.