Max Fredriksson doesn't hide out in the winters.


The long and cold winters in Sweden might be nice for cross-country skiers and ice skaters but it's less than ideal for mountain bikers – especially Slopestyle riders. So how does FMB World Tour ace Max Fredriksson train for the contest season? Max’ new video series ‘Off-Season’ offers a close look at how the young Swedish rider recovered from his season-ending injury in 2017 and how he prepared for the first contest at Crankworx Rotorua.

My injuries in 2017 held me back from competing as much as I wanted and in episode 1 you’ll get a closer look on how I’ve been dealing with all of that and how a normal session at my park looks like.

Since our Swedish winters are very long, and leaving us with no other option than riding indoor skateparks. I’ve been going down to Barcelona to ride La poma bike park to get some dirt riding in before the contest season kicks off. This is how the vibes are in one of the best public bike parks i the world and this is what we’re up to while spending time there…

Even if La poma bike park is an incredible bike park and I’m usually spending around 5 weeks down there, I thought that I’d mix it up this year and head over to France and ride with some friends that also competes in the FMB world tour. We got to ride a bunch of insane spots and had a crazy week filled with good sessions!

After a week in France, we spent our last remaining time on the trip in Barcelona riding La Poma bike park together with a bunch of friends from all over the world. Since Crankworx Rotorua was closing in I decided to fly home a week before, to ride our brand new training facility that opened up while I was out traveling. Dome Adrenaline Zone is probably the best facility I’ve ever ridden. I went up there fot a couple of days to prepare myself before flying across the world to ride my first contest since I broke the collarbone that ended 2017 for me…