MacAskill & Caluori go for a ride.


With over 17,000 kilometers / 10,500 miles worth of trails to discover in Graubünden, there’s no better way to hit those trails than with a good group of friends.

Danny MacAskill and Claudio Caluori met up with a few lucky fans to embark on a four day trip enjoying the Swiss mountains, shredding numerous trails and not forgetting to drop by a few of the iconic locations from the video “Home of Trails”.

Graubünden’s spectacular mountain bike playground with its near 1000 summits, 615 lakes and 150 valleys may very well be one of the most stunning regions our planet has to offer. Savoring the high alpine atmosphere in a group is probably the best way to enjoy a day’s worth of pure stoke on the bike. Danny MacAskill and Claudio Caluori returned to the Swiss mountains one year after the production of “Home of Trails” to relive the trails and some of the locations with some fans.

“In the end it is all about having fun and it is safe to say that we had plenty of it with this great group of people. Riding with Claudio and Danny was just next level! Stopping at some of the spots from the film was just an awesome experience. Claudio always had a story to tell. We laughed so much together!”
Florian Fischer

The small party travelled through three destinations thanks to the Viamala Sportwerkstatt, which organizes trips like this one in the “Home of Trails”. After kicking the trip off in Flims, they headed to Arosa Lenzerheide via Davos Klosters. One of the highlights was a tour to the Vorab Glacier in Flims, where Danny and Claudio raced each other in the film and Davos Klosters put a smile on every face when they hit the Alps Epic Trail Davos. The 40-kilometer-long trail and its unforgettable scenery from the top of the Jakobshorn is only one of many trails of the destination and is considered to be one of the best trails in the world by the International Mountain Bike Association.

“I just love riding together with others. If things get difficult it is easier to overcome them and the group dynamic always supports you and helps you to improve. Riding in Graubünden, discovering the secret trails with our guide, Danny and Claudio was a unique experience!”
Franziska Maidl

With riders from all sorts of backgrounds, it is great to see how quickly a common interest actually creates a bond between each person. From the start, it seemed as though the riders had known each other for years already. Regardless of how good you ride, at the end of the day, it’s all about shared experiences; a great day on the bike, a lot of fun and a good story to share– more or less a given on a road trip through the “Home of Trails” with Danny and Claudio.

“At the end of the day I just want to be happy and it is not only a nice trail and a cozy hut that contributes, but mainly the folks you are riding with. Graubünden has a great variety of trails in spectacular scenery. The shuttle rides were hilarious. We would hop into the van, hit play and sing along to all sorts of tunes. I always had the feeling that our driver Klaus would hit the accelerator to get to the next stop as fast as he could (laughs).”
Caroline Jahrstorfer

The trip concluded in Lenzerheide, but not without heading to Danny’s so called “Bridge of Doom”. It is in moments like these, when you stand behind the small wall of the Landwasser Bridge and peer in to the bottomless drop of the gorge below, that you begin to comprehend, how strong Danny’s nerves of steel must be. Even Claudio had to admit that he gets dizzy looking into the gorge and at the river 84 meters / 275 feet below. Danny on the other hand relished revisiting the iconic location, even though he only hopped on to the wall on two feet this time.

“In my eyes biking isn’t something you do alone. Nothing can beat the feeling of riding to the top of a mountain together, descending and giving high-fives when you made it back down safely. Riding with Danny and Claudio was special! Claudio gave us a few tips along the way and it soon felt like a great team of regular weekend warriors. Danny is super relaxed and chill. Even riding in front of him was a blast. Viva ’Home of Trails’!”
Franziska Fischer