Let's step behind the scenes of Hashtag Goodtimes.


Just four weeks ago, the "Hashtag Goodtimes" edit wowed the online community with its breathtaking shots and killer tricks. Now, it's time to look behind the scenes of how the film was made. A united force of four course builders, four cameramen, a graphic designer, a photographer, a load of volunteers and, of course, the Canyon Factory Freeride Team pitched in to make the film happen.


The rugged terrain made for a difficult project, but thanks to everyone's efforts the set came together in no time at all. As soon as the build team left the site, filming had begun. In 30 degree heat, with a tight schedule and a lot of crashes – the guys really gave everything: "It was an intense time and we pushed ourselves to the limit", says filmmaker Lukas Tielke. "But we're all totally stoked with the result. The clip is worth every drop of sweat." The making-of clip shows that, despite the hard work, there was no lack of fun in the process: