Let's meet some nice French guys.


We’re all Gringos strangers to each other or to a place, at this precise moment or in your entire life.

All of our Urge BP ambassadors are Gringos, different, unique, but united by some common valors.

Champions, past champions, future champions or simply passionate riders, super fit or so so, young or not that young anymore, famous or discreet, they are Human diversity riding off-road bikes wandering in the middle of nature with pleasure, love and respect.

Every one of them is looking forward for a better future, where, we hope, Man will find a way to stop being too often a toxic element for the planet and biodiversity.

This week, we'd like to introduce you to the next 3 Gringo's of this webserie. Cedric Tassan from VTOPO, ZOOBAB and Julien Rebuffet.

If you plan to discover France on your mountain bike, there's only one solution. Grab a VTOPO MTB guidebook to find the best riding trails and nature spots in our beautiful country. Discovered, ridden and drawn by Cedric Tassan and all his VTOPO crew, let a pure mtb spirit guide your handlebar on this journey.

The creator of Urge BP, artist and huuudge nature lover. Inspired by the waves of the ocean, the dust of the desert and the wind of the mountains. That's the secret of a Urge BP helmet's recipe. Follow JP on his surfboard in the sapphire clear waters of South of France and on his gravel bike just above the sea !

What's the best way to remember good old times ? Make the memories live through the present in a stylish way. That's how Julien from GENERATION MOUNTAIN BIKE spreads his positive vibes around him. An excellent technician, mechanic and story teller, that will lead you through History with his MTB museum, unveiling the most precious bikes he was able to restore.