Kirt Voreis is All Riding a Niner.


Last November, Kirt Voreis posted a video to Instagram showing he and his trusted video guy, Doug, working to make a bike video. The problem? Kirt didn't have a frame. He had parts, but no frame. Making a bike video with only bike parts was, well, difficult. It's pretty hard to roost some trail without a fully built bike.

Social media went crazy. The interwebs asked, "How could Kirt Voreis not have a frame?" Being the enterprising and seasoned mountain biker, Kirt decided to get a little creative and take matters into his own hands. "Why look for a frame in all the regular places?" he asked. "Why not go hunting?" And so, on a cold, wintry day riding into the woods on Doug's handlebars, Kirt went hunting and bagged a frame - a Niner, size large.

And the story begins - a match made in the woods. Niner gets to welcome one of the most storied mountain bikers of all time to its family and also gets to watch (and egg Kirt on) as he showcases the capabilities of their newly redesigned trail bikes. Kirt, on the other hand, gets to make more rad bike videos while riding a complete bike and continue to stoke the mountain bike community with his intriguing personality and entertaining antics.

Kirt will throw a leg over Niner's trail bikes, the newly redesigned RIP 9 RDO and JET 9 RDO. As Niner's Trail Ambassador, Kirt will spread Niner love wherever he travels. Find him at major bike festivals, keep an eye out for more riding videos and learn how to ride better with his helpful riding tips.

Kirt Voreis gets a Niner from Niner Bikes on Vimeo.