Fabio Wibmer can keep himself pretty busy.


Right from the start of the five minute action-packed edit it becomes clear that Fabio Wibmer’s life isn’t complete if he’s not on a bike.

Doing chores without a bike clearly doesn’t entertain the Austrian, and nobody comes to his living room signing session – so he plans his creative escape from lockdown boredom – of course using his bike. From the get-go, Fabio goes big with a jump from his roof and from there on in, it’s boredom no longer. Jumping on and over homemade obstacles, balancing on household items and using his laundry machine for far more than it’s intended, Fabio cruises around the house, annoying his roommates while he’s having the time of his life.

He doesn’t only annoy his roommates though – he helps them with the laundry or keeps his friends’ company during lunch and the afternoon yoga session. Taking a leaf out of the Dude Perfect book, he also takes out the trash, plays a bit of basketball and shoots some darts. As if that wasn’t enough, Fabio puts his balance to the ultimate test – riding over plenty of obstacles, including a seesaw and his second trials-bike, and let’s not forget about the bag-jump, the trampoline and the pool. The cherry on top is the "Pit Stoppie" - a nose manual, where Fabio rolls his loose rear wheel against a wall and then mounts it back on his bike, without ever leaving his pedals.

Home Office was shot in Fabio’s house in Innsbruck over the last four weeks and shooting it was everything but easy. “We knew we wouldn’t be allowed to leave the house for a while and despite not really knowing how long the lockdown would last, we wanted to put something together which would let people take their mind off of things. Even if it was for just for five minutes we wanted to provide an escape from what’s going on in the world and put smiles on faces,” says the 24-year-old Austrian.

“At the same time, we of course wanted to make sure we didn’t take unnecessary risks or show anything dangerous – it was extremely important not to get hurt, we wanted to avoid that at all costs. This is why we had to get creative with what we had. As we could only film in the house and in the garden, we needed to plan everything, try everything, to see what would and what would not work. For some of the tricks, we needed more than 600 tries. The Dude Perfect guys would give us a big thumbs up.”

More information about how Home Office was made and the work that went into it can be seen on in a special 20-minute Behind-the-Scenes feature.