Fabio Wibmer already hucking on his new Canyon.


Is there a better way to start the year than with a short trip to the Mediterranean? That’s exactly what Austrian mountain bike star Fabio Wibmer thought, so he packed his bags, grabbed his brand-new Canyon Torque and hopped on the plane to Israel. In the first video featuring his new bike, Fabio rides across the Middle Eastern country, discovering plenty of bike spots along the way, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and from the Dead Sea to Eilat and the Red Sea down south.

Just how well Fabio and his Torque work together can be seen perfectly in the new edit, as the 24-year-old rider doesn’t only hit some big urban spots in Israel’s biggest cities, but also wanders into the Negev Desert to put his new bike to the test, hitting big lines and tricks like a Suicide No-Hander and a big Backflip on some sizeable drops. More so, it turns out the Austrian can also shred on water, visiting the Dead Sea on the way down to Eilat.

Israel is my Playground takes Fabio from Tel Aviv-Jaffa to Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, the Negev Desert as well as to Eilat and Timna National Park and was produced by rasoulution.