Embracing Mindfulness on a 32-hour Solo Journey Across Tasmania's Rugged Terrain.


In just 32 hours, elite mountain bike athlete Payson McElveen completed a transformative 579km solo journey across Tasmania's rugged terrain.

Instead of racing against time, he chose to embrace the landscape as a mindful explorer, fully immersing himself in the present.Along the way, he faced unexpected challenges, including navigating around venomous snakes, all while remaining self-supported. This profound adventure, documented in the new short film 'Crossing Tasmania', not only tested his physical limits but also led to moments of deep self-realization, emotional growth, and a renewed appreciation for the beauty and unpredictability of nature. Here's all you need to know:

Balancing Ambition with Experience: While Payson is a competitive racer and often driven by time and performance, this journey teaches him the value of experiencing a place beyond just racing. He learns to balance his natural competitive drive with the desire to truly experience and appreciate the environment around him.Appreciation for Nature and Environment: Payson's journey allows him to deeply connect with the natural beauty of Tasmania. He expresses admiration for the landscapes he traverses and emphasizes the importance of experiencing places beyond just racing through them.Self-Reliance and Independence: Throughout his journey, Payson values the tradition of self-reliance. Even when he encounters challenges, he is committed to not accepting external help, emphasizing the importance of completing the journey through his own efforts.Challenging Personal Boundaries: Payson consistently pushes his limits, both physically and mentally. He confronts and overcomes various challenges, from the physical demands of the ride to encounters with wildlife like tiger snakes and wallabies.

- In the vast expanse of Tasmania's rugged terrain, Payson McElveen embarked on a journey that would transcend the boundaries of traditional racing. While his athletic prowess is undeniable, it was his decision to shift his perspective from that of a competitive racer to a mindful explorer that truly set this journey apart.- In professional cycling, Payson McElveen's dedication shines with five collegiate mountain bike national titles. His victory at the 2016 Mongolia Bike Challenge, labelled by Outside Magazine as the world's toughest mountain race, underscores his prowess. Moreover, 2017 saw him clinch the USA Cycling Marathon Mountain Bike National Championship and race alongside a unique competitor: his father.- In 2022, McElveen embarked on another solo challenge where he made cycling history as the first person to complete a human-powered journey across the rugged interior of Iceland, covering 257 miles in just one day and setting a new Fastest Known Time (FKT) for riding across Iceland in less than 24 hours.- However, the demands of being an elite endurance athlete can take their toll. McElveen explained: "The longer I race, the more I realize what a narrow experience that is like. It's so confining to just have your entire bike experience so dependent on time all the time. And that's what racing is. All your workouts are based on time. The results sheet is based on time. All of the obligations you have outside in a given race weekend are based on timelines that are kind of at war, like the one that's been a racer for so long and the one that wants to experience the world."- Not one to rest on his laurels, he set his sights on the remote Australian island state of Tasmania. He designed a challenging 579km east-to-west route, boasting a staggering 35,000-ft elevation gain across Tasmania's rugged terrain.- The film 'Crossing Tasmania' captures this transformative solo journey, as McElveen makes the deliberate choice to shift his perspective from that of a competitive racer to a mindful explorer. He explained: "In the past, I would race through places, always focused on the finish line. But this journey made me realize there's so much more to experience beyond the race."- Alleviating himself from the self-imposed time pressures allowed Payson to be present and experience Tasmania in a profoundly intimate manner. From navigating around wallabies and wombats in the night to facing the threat of venomous Tiger Snakes, his journey was punctuated with moments of raw, unfiltered emotion and challenges that tested his resolve. He revealed: “Throughout the ride, I found myself further letting go of time... I had achieved that true timelessness. There was something so healthy and powerful about that.”- McElveen's commitment to self-reliance brought authenticity to his journey. "I didn’t want to accept any outside help. It was important for me to rely on myself and face the challenges head-on," he shared.- Amidst Tasmania's vast landscapes, he faced challenges without external aid, leading to moments of deep introspection. "I cried multiple times during the ride. It was a mix of exhaustion, awe, and moments of self-realization," he revealed, adding, "I wanted to share Tasmania with the world. It's such a unique place, and I hoped my journey would inspire others."

Watch Payton's full journey in the film 'Crossing Tasmania' HERE