Dawn To Dusk, featuring William Robert.


William dreamed of building an entire spot from scratch and filming a project on it.

Just outside of Ecoche, France, the Kaaki family had a horse pasture on their property, so they offered up the space for Willam to build the dream spot with his favourite digger, Aloïs ‘Alou’ D'adamo working the excavator day in and day out along with Ken Desmazeau (one of his diggers from Rampage) and Théo Trovato. Watch for cameos of the Kaaki brothers—Matthieu and Thomas, who now have this killer place to ride just steps from their house.

The meaning behind 'Dawn to Dusk' is taken to a new level in William's new video, where they ride massive lines from the first light peeking over the horizon to the last glow of the setting sun. Every jump, every corner, and every second floating through the air was a testament to the passion and perseverance the crew put into this project.