David Cachon goes to Malta.


Imagine a place surrounded by turquoise waters, with an idyllic climate throughout the year and where you can still hear stories of Greek heroes.

Without a doubt an authentic earthly paradise where to go to rest ... or maybe just the opposite, go to practice your favorite sport. Its climate is ideal throughout the year, maybe for our sport the summer months are a little hot, but the rest of the year its weather is great for practicing outdoor activities. Also, if you like to dress up your biker holidays with good Mediterranean cuisine, places with history and a cozy atmosphere, Malta is your destination.

The Republic of Malta is an island country that is a member of the European Union, densely populated, composed of an archipelago and located in the center of the Mediterranean, in southern Italy, east of Tunisia and north of Libya. The main islands and the only inhabited ones in the country are Malta, Gozo and Comino. The center of government, commerce and culture is the capital, Valletta, located in the eastern part of Malta.

These islands were a strategic point for different cultures throughout history and the truth is that, although now the reasons for us are very different, they are also today to choose this destination and enjoy an incredible vacation with your mountain bike If you want to enjoy with your family, you are lucky, the offer of activities is immense.

Its colors are intense and vivid, the blue of its waters seems to want to leave this, inviting to dive is its incredible coves. Its architecture seems taken from past times, so well preserved that sometimes you think you're in a movie. It is not surprising that Malta has been the star of some of the major film productions of recent years such as: Gladiator, Troya, Popeye, Agora, Assassins Creed, World War Z, Murder on the Orient Express ...

If you are one of those who are conquered by the stomach ... we are also on the right track. Its proximity to Italy and its Arab and Anglo-Saxon heritages have made its gastronomy a host of influences that result in exquisite bites.

If you want to know the history of Malta, its traditions, climate, places to stay and what to visit do not miss this website, it is one of the most complete at present: