A slopestyle contest happened in Andorra last month.


For the very first time, the FISE World Series turns up in the city of Andorra la Vieille and the Vallnord resort in Andorra, on home soil!

Every year, this event is getting bigger and bigger and we like it. Check out this footage from the FISE Montpellier one month ago; this is awesome!

For the Andorran round, the Slopestyle MTB Park will be shaped by our two riders Pierre-Edouard FERRY and Anthony ROCCI (interview further down). The edit of the Montpellier contest is also a must-watch:



If you want to see some big mountain action, this is the place to be for the MTB Slopestyle/Andorra is a FMB World Tour GOLD event. In addition of seeing PEF and Tony Rocci, you will have the opportunity to meet big names of slopestyle such as Thomas Genon, Antoine Bizet, Nicholi Rogatkin, Simon Pages or Thomas Zejda.

Interview – Anthony ROCCI: "We will have a real slopestyle course"

In addition of being an excellent rider in Dirt Jump and Slopestyle, our rider Anthony ROCCI created his own shaping and building company. Building courses is his job. So we decided to go disturb him and question him about this new edition as he was working:

- It's a premiere for the FISE and for Andorra, what are the particularities of this event?

"We used quite a big amount of natural materials, with several wooden features. It's the very first time a FISE is organized like this in the mountain, in a resort such as Vallnord.

So we take the most of it! And we are lucky because the terrain is slightly in the steep, so we don't need to carry a lot of speed."

- Regarding of the course features, what can the riders expect?

"We have the exact same Big Air as the one in Montpellier. But the rest is new. The course is not easy, we built features not many people have seen in competition.

No Dirt Jumping here, only true Slopestyle. We can't wait to ride it!"

- Riders are gonna love it?

"I think so. With Pierre-Edouard FERRY and my colleagues, we did our best! For the Amateurs, the start might be sketchy. But if one of them makes it safe down to the bottom, the others will send it too!"