A Dog's Life: Travel Diaries - Jamaica


In the fourth and final episode of season 2 of "A Dog's Life," Brendan jets off to the Caribbean to explore what the island nation of Jamaica has to offer mountain bikers.

When we say "Jamaican getaway", you might think of snorkeling, coconuts, poolside relaxing, and reggae parties. Well... you wouldn't be wrong. On top of all of these things, however, Jamaica offers an abundance of unique trails that will keep even the wildest of riders stoked and hanging for more at the end of each day.

Accompanied by Brendan's early childhood hero and mentor, Steve Peat, and long-standing partner-in-crime, Olly Wilkins, the crew gives their local guides the reins, showcasing the kind of fun you can have when you blend laid-back island life with dreamworthy trail riding!