17-year-old A-Line gets complete rework. Enters adulthood as awesome.


A-Line. It's the lifeline of the Fitz Zone and heartbeat of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. It's the trail where mega-trains were born and where more laps go down than anywhere else on earth. It's the original freeride trail that gave birth to a new style of riding and it started a movement in the evolution of modern trail designs. But there is only one A-Line, and it's here.



2015 is a major evolutionary year for this iconic trail. A-Line has seen countless evolutions in the past but this year it will see a complete rebuild top-to-bottom which will result in improved jump shapes, clearer sight lines, and better flow. Did you know that the original A-Line trail was a single track and has taken 17 years to get to where it is at today? Changes to what we all know and love can be scary and not always accepted right away. The Whistler Mountain Bike Park Trail Crew are a group of passionate and dedicated riders who are committed to building progressive trails for riders of all levels. A-Line still continues to deliver advanced lines and feature options for expert riders and maintains its place as the progression step to Dirt Merchant and Crabapple Hits. So have you ridden A-Line yet this year? Has change been all that scary? The evolution of A-Line and the trails in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park will never be complete. What changes would you like to see as the evolution continues?

The Bike Park is open daily from 10am-5pm with Extended Play hours until 8pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday evenings. Extended Play hours begin daily on June 13 running until September 7.

Garbanzo Zone is still scheduled to open on June 20. More updates about this zone can be expected in the coming weeks.