Danny MacAskill: Imaginate


Today sees the release of the fourth instalment of 'MacAskill's Imaginate' and it is 'Time to ride' as the shooting days for Danny's biggest and most ambitious riding clip to date approach.

Having undergone 6 months of intense recuperation following a career threatening back surgery, Danny is now back on his bike on a daily basis looking to take his riding to the next level and develop brand new ticks for his project. A day riding with friend and trials legend Martyn Ashton in Glasgow is a perfect opportunity,

"Its been really wicked riding with Danny, I know he's a younger rider than me but weirdly he's one of my heroes too...he's got some amazing skills"

As Kelvin Hall, the filming venue for the project, begins to take shape with numerous props built and shipped in, the enormity of the project hits Danny,

"I just really want to make something that we are proud of and everyone who has been part of it to think it has been worth it..."

This is the last we see of Danny as the warehouse goes into lockdown and the cameras start to roll - will he be able to take his riding to the level required to realise his dreams for the film?

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