Riva Bike Fest opens season in Livigno.


After an exciting weekend at the Riva BIKE Festival the 2015 mountain bike season is under way and leading the charge is the Italian bike destination, Livigno. To mark the start of the season, Livigno invited Danny MacAskill's Drop and Roll Tour to put on amazing live shows at the bike festival. In between the shows, fans could meet the riders in person at the Livigno booth and learn more about the region's biking opportunities. Needless to say, everyone enjoyed "la bella vita" last weekend.

Every year, once the snow melts away and trees start to blossom – thousands of bike fans are eager to discover what new bike, shock, apparel and bike trail is available. The place to be to learn all of this is the BIKE Festival in Riva. To celebrate the best of biking, Italy's "little Tibet", Livigno, invited the YouTube sensation, Danny MacAskill and his Drop and Roll Team to the festival. Together, Danny and teammate Duncan Shaw were the hit of the week!

Performing on the water front on Friday, the team received an echoing applause from the hundreds of fans who came out to see their incredible skills. For the evening performance, no other than the legend, Hans 'No Way' Rey joined the show as a co-commentator. On Saturday, at the main stage, visitors also screamed in amazement as Duncan dropped from the 10 foot tower and Danny demonstrated some of his famous tricks from videos like Imaginate and Inspired Bicycles. Coordinated by tracks from the videos, the atmosphere was electric. Shortly after the shows, fans could meet Danny and Duncan in person at the Livigno signing sessions.