Reviewed: Bontrager Evoke Gloves


Gloves are like socks. You should have lots of pairs of them and change them often.

I decided to get another pair of gloves and settled on the Bontrager Evoke gloves. They have a gel & memory foam inserts in the palms that making griping your bars very comfortable on long stints in the saddle. The palm is made from synthetic leather and has a great natural feel to it while still being very grippy. The palm is build from several pieces, making the fit more snug and prevents any bunching in the middle. It also features vent holes to reduce heat build up.

Back of the wrist has a velcro closure that works nicely, but I did find that the hooks being on the body of the glove would tend to get caught on itself. Nothing major, but I would have to separate it before getting it all snugged up and trail ready.

Thumb and fore finger have eSwipe patch sewn onto them, giving you some ability to use touch screen devices, I found that it worked reasonably most of the time, as best as you could expect when you are wearing gloves.

I found the fit to be true to size, and fit very nicely to my hand. Very comfortable over long rides, yet easy to get on to rip around the block a couple times.


Price: $39.99 usd