Pearl Izumi Elevate Insulated Jacket


As you get older, you start to realize that what people were trying to tell you when you were younger actually makes a lot of sense.


I'm not just learning this, more like I'm getting to the point that it isn't so embarrassing to admit that I was so, so wrong.

Point in case: Layering your clothes. Mom/Dad would always say wear a bunch of layers so that you can take off or add layers on to match the conditions. I would merrily just through on a hoodie and be done with it. I tend to run warm most of the time, so it didn't seem like I needed much more thought. But as the sports that I did started to change, and I found myself staying outdoors on trails further from home, the words of my parents started to ring true.

One piece that I added to the closet this year was the Pearl Izumi Elevate insulated jacket. Calling it a jacket would be painting it with a brush that doesn't fit the canvas. There is more to it than just being a covering piece.

The face of the jacket has a DWR coating to protect against drizzle or light rain, and there is 100g of Primaloft insulation sewn into the body & upper arms to add warmth to the core.

Lower arms are non-insulated, and the fabric has a slight stretch to it. The core and lower arms have a brushed polyester lining, while the core and upper arms have a non brushed liner.

The front has a full length double zipper, which should be mandatory on all jackets/sweatshirts.

On the outside there are two zippered pockets sewn into the seam between the front and side panels. Inside there is a huge pocket on either side at the front which are large enough to put gloves or liners in.

I would consider the fit to be slightly larger than a standard cycling fit. I have the Elevate in XL and it is a comfortable fit. (Other similar jackets that I have from the same category usually run XXL, especially European brands).

If I could change two things, I would cut the arms a bit looser. The lower arm section is a bit snug on my forearms, but similar with other products. Second thing I would change is the front outside pocket locations. I can't use them, as they feel to be in the wrong spot, and rotating them forward would make them much more usable.


Price: $289 CAD