Leatt DBX 4.0 Lite Gloves


The first thing that I noticed when I put on the Airflex DBX Lite gloves from Leatt was how thin they are. The difference in thickness between these and other gloves I have tried is instantly noticeable. In fact I have actually typed this out while wearing them.

The palm of the glove feels so thin because it is made from NanoGrip, which is a polyester based fibre, reportedly 7.5x thinner than hair. When woven together it creates a fabric that has great sensitivity and is touch screen friendly. You need to use the pads of your fingers a bit more, but it passed my "call the office" test.

The topside of the glove is made from a lightweight mesh with sublimated graphics. The thumb is made with a micro fabric that is good for wiping lenses clean mid run. Molded directly into the fabric on the knuckles is some Armourgel pieces, during the manufacturing process those pieces are directly adhered into the fabric, becoming intertwined. The Amourgel covers all four knuckles square on, and the last two fingers have extended coverage. The design of the lower pieces is pretty neat, in that it is a dog bone style that doesn't compromise the flexibility of your fingers. Armourgel is a durable, self regenerative energy absorbing material that can greatly reduce impact forces. I can't say I have tried it out yet, but if it works similar to other brands like 3DO i'm sure it will work very well.

The Leatt DBX 4.0 Lite sizing runs a little larger than what I would call normal. I got a pair of XL gloves and I found the fingers to be slightly longer. My opinion would be to downsize 1 size from your normal with them to ensure an nice snug fit.

Price: $49.95 USD