Chase Bike Vest 50 oz


The first time I saw the Chase Bike Vest I thought it was a bit hokee. If you are going to wear something while riding, why would you choose a vest over a low volume backpack? I mean isn't it just a smaller version of a small backpack anyways?

But what was staring me right in the face is the whole point of the Chase Bike Vest; a smaller package can equate to a better experience.

Smart, well thought out pockets on the straps make holding tools, your phone etc easier while keeping them accessible. Not lost in the main compartment with everything else in your bag.

The water reservoir has a low profile while still retaining enough volume to make multi hour rides enjoyable. You can take all the bits out of your pockets, not worry about your water bottle going flying out of your frame, and still have room for a spare tube and pump in the bag. All of that gives the Case Bike Vest the capacity of a backpack, while being in a slim format that looks and wears like a vest.

Price: $100 usd