Bontrager Stormshell Gloves

Feb 22, 2016


Winter riding can be a nasty thing. Wet, cold, uncomfortable. Or it can be warm, wet and comfortable. The Stormshell gloves help keep your days more like the latter than the former.


The real secret is the Outdry membrane coated to the underside of the Profila fabric. Similar to what is in all of our winter jackets, this OutDry membrane is windproof, waterproof & breathable and is heat bonded directly to the face fabric. The OutDry membrane is super, super thin. 3/100 of a mm thick! it doesn't add any noticeable bulk to the glove.

On the palm of the hand there is Gelfoam padding to cushion the grip, and the fore finger/thumb has an touch screen compliant fabric sewn in.  The Gelfoam has a smiliar feel to padding on traditional gloves, but since the gloves are made from a thicker fabric, the overall feel of the glove is a bit bulker, but snug.  I would classify the fit as more similar to a bike glove than winter sport gloves though.   So a slightly tighter, flexible fit is how they end up feeling. The Stormshell has a long cuff, giving you some winter wrist protection and has a big old strap on it that is easy to adjust without having to take your other glove off.

On the sizing front, i choose a pair that were XL,  and that was inline with what I normally wear. If you have long fingers you might have to upsize to ensure the correct fit.

As the nasty part of the winter season is starting to wind down, I can say that they have worked well for me and haven't left me with cold fingers.

Website: http://www.trekbikes.com/

 Price: $99.99 USD