Bontrager Rally Shoes


Bontrager released a new pair of the clippless Rally shoes this summer, with clean lines and a smooth design, right out of the box they look super nice and have a good feeling of being durable and long lasting.

The soles are glued and welded to the uppers and there are no signs of them coming apart.  The soles are designed with two sections, centre section that is designed to be a little longer wearing

I mounted them up with a pair of Crankbrothers pedals, and I found that one shim under the cleat makes a nice firm connection to the pedal.

I found the sizing to be wider than the other models I have tried from Bontrager, which made them a great fit for my feet.   Comfort wise, I have worn them on some longer rides, and they haven't caused any issues or blisters. The only thing that I would change on them is to narrow the width of the velcro closure on the top of the foot.  I found that I had to run them loose in order to not have them bug me when they were on.

Frankly they remind me of my Vans Warner shoes.  A similar fit & feel when wearing them and they don't feel big and bulky, which is how my Shimano & Giro shoes feel like.  

The Rally Shoes come in three different colourways, all of which are awesome: two tone blue, olive & orange, and as tested black. 

Price: $199 cdn